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Deposits for Individuals and Companies

When might you need self storage?

  • When you have to move and you still don't have a new home.
  • When you are restructuring your home and you don't know where to store furniture during the restructuring work.
  • When you have just moved to a new city with loads of luggage and you haven't found a place to stay yet.
  • To free up space in your home and to preserve objects and memories that you just don't want to throw away.
  • To carry out seasonal changes
  • When your hobbies have taken over and you can't get access to the garage or the cellar.

Flexibility, Accessibility and Security!

Our rented storage spaces and warehouses for companies provide the ideal solution to the space problem

  • When fixed costs have to be reduced.
  • When additional warehouse or storage space is required for materials and tools of every kind
  • To find a moisture-free spacious area to store documentation
  • As logistic support in the event your sales force works off site or in several cities
  • For craftsmen who live outside the city and have to store their work tools without having to carry them back and forth.

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