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Depositi per Privati e Aziende

Useful tips

Our priorities include: flexibility, accessibility and security; for this reason, the price of each space is proportional to the duration of storage which depends on the customer's needs. We meet your storage space and duration requirements. The minimum duration of our contract is one month, our contracts can be monthly or for any time period as required.

Payments can be made conveniently by credit card, direct debit or bank transfer or directly at our offices in cash, checks and atm.

Silea Storage

Flexibility, Accessibility and Security!

Silea Self Storage offers the public an accurate, secure and confidential service.

You can cancel and free storage space any time with 15 days’ notice.

You will be provided with a personal code to access your space anytime throughout the week. The spaces are for the exclusive and private use of the customer, and interaction with the staff of the structure is at your sole discretion.

Fire insurance cover is included in the price for all Self Storage contracts.


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