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Deposits for Individuals and Companies

Your assets safe

Silea Storage provides personal, safe, clean storage space accessible throughout the week where you can store all kinds of goods to meet all your space and time requirements. The premises are of different sizes to meet the most varied needs and are within easy reach with a large parking lot. Every space has individual access with its own safety closure.

Self Storage is now available in many Italian cities. It has been available in the United States for several years, and is starting to take a strong hold in Europe because it provides comfortable, simple and convenient solutions to space problems.

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Flexibility, Accessibility and Security!

Silea Self Storage offers the public an accurate, secure and confidential service.

Our contracts are extremely flexible, you can take advantage of our service starting from the minimum time of 1 month, but we also have the possibility of stipulating quarterly, half-yearly and annual contracts with increasingly convenient prices as the contract lengthens.

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